EasyPLC 5.9

Monitors and controls automation control operations

Turn your computer into a personal automation control training and simulation station. The suite emulates the operation of a Programmable Logical Controller (PLC), utilizing the most popular industrial programming languages such as Ladder, Grafcet, Logic Blocks Functions and Script.

EasyPLC is intended for the creation, testing and simulation of PLC programs. A PLC, which means “programmable logic controller”, is part of the hardware commonly used in the automation of the specific process and even complete production lines. Luckily, EasyPLC supports practically any type of PLC, regardless of its manufacturer.

Moreover, it does not require installing additional hardware on your computer as it works with all standard ports, like serial, parallel and USB ones. Likewise, it is excellent that it supports multiple PLC languages, including Ladder, Grafcet, Logic Blocks and Instruction List, which should be quite enough to meet the needs of any professional in the field.

The program has the technical look of most other software with similar characteristics. Needless to say, if you are not an expert in the field, intending to use it would probably be a waste of time as very specific technical knowledge is required to use this tool appropriately.

The best advantage of this software tool is that it allows developing programs for PLCs and trying them without actually having the required hardware. What EasyPLC does is to use a simulator, called EasyPLC Machines Simulator, which can substitute the real hardware during testing. This way, you can create a virtual 3D world that follows the laws of physics just as in the real world

To sum up, EasyPLC is a highly recommended tool for automation professionals and students. It allows trying your code on practically any PLC. What is more, its simulation software allows you to work even without making big expenditures on expensive hardware.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports working with standard ports
  • Does not need actual hardware
  • Supports many PLC programming languages
  • Compatible with many hardware manufacturers


  • Not intended for standard users
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